Exchange Students Cultural Tour on September 7th – Exploring Taiwanese Culture at Nanzhuang Old Street and the Hakka Cultural Park, along with World Famous Pineapple Cake DIY

On September 7th, the Office of International Programs will be hosting a cultural tour of Miaoli County to allow exchange students to better understand the Taiwanese culture. It will be the perfect opportunity to begin your adventures in Taiwan. Also, you will be able to meet up with your buddy and spend a fun, relaxing day in Western Taiwan.


To start off the day, we will be visiting Nanzhuang Old Street. Nanzhaung was once very prosperous with approximately 30,000 residents and streets punctuated with wine houses, teahouses, and theaters. However, after lumbering and coal mining lost its economic value, the growth of Nanzhuang came to a halt and has stagnated for about 10 years. Today, Nanzhuang has become a popular tourist spot for its abundant natural surroundings and Nanzhuang Old Street, which is filled with all kinds of Hakka and aboriginal delicacies. Nanzhuang’s most well-known natural resources are mushroom, Gui bamboo shoots and trout. The Old Street has small souvenir shops, authentic Hakka food stalls, and beautiful photo shooting sites.


The next stop on the tour will be Miaoli Hakka Cultural Park. The cultural park is a research institution and provides a platform for Hakka cultural exchange. The park also hosts research into different areas of Hakka culture and industrial cultivation. With the hopes of promoting Hakka culture, preserving tradition, and utilizing local resources, the Hakka Cultural Park has become a popular tourist attraction.


To end the day, we will visit the Vigor Kobo “Pineapple Cake Dream Factory”. Striving to pass on the exquisite Chinese pastry culture, Vigor Kobo pursues perfection by baking first-class desserts and bringing top quality experiences to all customers. The world famous pineapple cakes are made from the best ingredients and have a delicious taste. In March of 2012, the “Pineapple Cake Dream Factory” was designed, with ”Taiwan Pineapple, Let Good Fortune Come” as its main theme. Pineapples are actually called ”Wang Lai” in Taiwanese, meaning the coming of good fortune. Vigor Kobo has also designed different collectibles according to the wide range of products offered. Visitors can enjoy the great taste of pineapple cakes while participating in fun activities and taking part in the Pineapple Cake DIY workshop. (Participants can make up to 6 pineapple cakes).


Above all, this cultural tour only costs 1,500 NTD per person, including transportation, entrance fee, lunch, English tour guide, pineapple cake DIY, insurance, and well, unforgettable memories.

So, what are you waiting for? SIGN UP TODAY.

The deadline to submit your online registration is August 7th, 2015.

1. Fees will be collected when you get on the bus.
2. Due to limited seats and insurance regulations by the Taiwan Government,
we will NOT accept on-site sign-in.
3. Once you sign up the cultural tour, NO cancellation will be accepted.

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