NCCU Welcomes Exchange Students for 2015 Orientation and Cultural Tour

On September 7th 2015, orientation for exchange students took place in the International Conference Hall on the first floor of the Commerce Building. Exchange students from our 114 partner schools in different parts of the world participated in the orientation and are nowready to begin their exciting new journey here at National Chengchi University (NCCU).

        The orientation session began with a quick icebreaker where exchange students formed small groups to participate in a decoding activity. It was a great way to get everyone talking and make some new friends. Next, students learnt useful information regarding school courses, extracurricular activities, facilities, and other important information to assist them in adjusting to their new lives on campus. Moreover, there were experienced campus tour guides who took the students on an informative tour around the campus, sharing some insider tips and recommendations for students to get around and get involved quickly.

        After the campus tour, students who registered for the culture trip boarded the buses bound for Nanzhaung, the first stop of the cultural tour. Located in Maoli County, Nanzhuang is famous for its abundant natural resources and beautiful surroundings. Nanzhuang Old Street, a famous visitor spot, is filled with Hakka food stalls and small souvenir shops. Students first enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Osmanthus Garden Restaurant, which served authentic Hakka dishes such as sliced pork with mustard greens and peanut-flavored tofu. Later on, students had the opportunity to explore Nanzhuang Old Street and visit one of the main temples, Yongchang temple.

        To end the day, students all went to Vigor Kobo “Pineapple Cake Dream Factory”. The carefully baked pineapple cakes are famous worldwide and are a well-known pastry in Taiwan for both locals and foreigners. Students got to try pineapple cakes that were right out of the oven and participated in a Pineapple Cake DIY workshop. In addition, students took a tour around the factory and saw the production line of the pineapple cakes.

        Thorsten Weise of Germany really enjoyed the food at the Hakka style restaurant and thought it was a great opportunity to experience the Hakka culture. He commented: “I have never tried this kind of food before and it was an amazing cultural experience.” Daniel Ksikal of Czech Republic was surprised by the unique architecture of Nanzhuang Old Street and enjoyed the tranquil atmosphere of the small town. Students all had unique experiences and found different aspects to be of interest to them.. Nevertheless, whether it was the food, the people, or the tourist spots, there was always something for everyone to learn more and gain a better understanding of the Taiwanese culture. 

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