Exchange Students Cultural Tour on February 12th – Exploring Taiwanese Culture at Water Source Ecological Park, I-Cake Invention Gallery, and Luodong Night Market

On February 12th, the Office of International Programs will be hosting a one-day tour, travelling to the Eastern coastal city of Yi-Lan. This tour will allow exchange students to indulge in Taiwanese cuisine, interact with the local people, and experience different aspects of our culture. Also, you will be able to meet up with your buddy and spend a fun, relaxing day exploring Eastern Taiwan.

To start the day, we will be enjoying a delicious lunch at Wengyao/ Urn-roasted Chicken Restaurant. The history of jar-roasted chicken (甕缸雞) is lost in the mists of time, but it has certainly become quite popular around Taiwan, especially in the hot springs town of Yilan County’s Jiaosi Township (礁溪), Wengyao/Urn-roasted chicken is roasted in thick earthenware jars using longan wood (龍眼木), arrives at the table proudly unadorned. Please note that chicken’s head and feet are all in place, don’t be afraid, they are ready to let you enjoy eating them. Besides the delicious chicken, there are also many traditional dishes to enjoy with.


Next, we will visit the I-Cake Invention Gallery to make its very own biscuit. These biscuits are the thinnest biscuits in the world with a 0.1cm thickness; it is as light as a piece of paper and pervious to light. It also happens to be crispy and delicious, truly an indulgent and special delicacy.

Later on in the afternoon, we will travel to Water Source Ecological Park, to visit “The Hometown of Water”. It is a place with greens and wetlands, allowing Aquatic plants and insects to build their habitats. The park can approximate to a forest theme park, having hiking trails, artificial rivers and natural environment.

If it rains heavily, we will change our destination to Jiaoxi, located northeast of Yi-Lan County, for a hot spring footbath experience. Jiaoxi provides rich agricultural products and several semi-outdoor footbath ponds, for visitors to have a warm and soothing footbath. Green landscape with viewing pavilion, outdoor foot spa, and old-fashioned juniper spa have designed inside the park, becoming one of its features.

At the end of the day, we will visit Luodong Night Market for some traditional snacks and stalls containing many varieties of local food, such as scallion pancakes, clothing, shoes, accessories, and many other items. Luodong Night Market is one of Taiwan’s biggest night markets and is a wonderful place to shop and dine.

Above all, this cultural tour only costs 1,500 NTD per person, including transportation, entrance fee, lunch, English tour guide, I-cake DIY, insurance, and well, unforgettable memories

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The deadline to submit your online registration is 3rd February, 2020.


1.    Fees will be collected when you board the bus.

2.    Due to limited seats and insurance regulations by the Taiwan Government, we will NOT accept on-site sign-ins and will not accept on-site tour cancellations. Once you have signed up, no drop off to cause any redundant paper work, so please think twice when you sign up the tour.


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