Previous Experience

The IEP offers students from around the world memorable academic and cultural experiences from their stay while here in Taiwan. Below are some of the former and current IEP students who have pursued their studies at NCCU's College of Commerce.

I've found this experience really rewarding. It helped me to open my mind towards a different culture, meet wonderful people and visit amazing places around Asia. I would've liked for it to last longer and it saddens me to bid farewell to this beautiful city.

NCCU has been the perfect university to exchange in. The faculty and university staff are really helpful, and all the local students showed great hospitality towards foreigners, especially the student clubs that organized different activities through the entire semester.

Xiè xie Taipei

Name: Alessandro Pisterzi
University: Nova School of Business and Economics/ Portugal


NCCU is a great place to study and explore future careers at the same time. The school campus is near mountains, providing students and faculty a clean environment.  I love the fact that the atmosphere here is very friendly and not over stressful. The teachers are understanding and friends are always willing to help. People here keep a simple and modest lifestyle, fully devoted into what they are doing. I would like to thank everyone who is a part of this amazing journey of mine.

Name: Arisara Naksawat
University: Chulalongkorn University Chulalongkorn Business School/ Thailand


This exchange was very pleasant, I find that Taiwan is a very interesting country: full of rich history, various religions, beautiful scenery, plenty of delicacies to eat, and the people are nice and helpful! I definitely recommend Taiwan to my fellows who are looking to exchange abroad.

Name: Corentin Maertens
University: EDHEC Business School/ France


I found the professors well prepared for their courses. Chengchi University offered us a lot of different activities like swimming, football and basketball, etc. To follow to above, the school also provided access to all kinds of facilities such as the gym, canteen and many more. Life in university is really quiet and we have a lot of resources that we can use to aid our study thanks to the library. Moreover, I think that the buddy program is really helpful, because for someone that comes from Europe like me, it’s essential at the beginning to have someone who can help me.

Name: Francesco Fasiello
University: Bocconi University/ Italy


Thanks a lot for this amazing experience, I spent a wonderful semester at NCCU and in Taiwan.

Taiwan will stay in my memories forever as an incredible opportunity to experience something totally different for the few months timespan. I enjoyed every minute of my exchange, the people were so nice and helpful. More importantly, the buddy system is a must, it really helped to have someone from inside the school taking you around and helping you settle yourself in the beginning. I already felt at home for having a friend in Taiwan before even being able to tour in the country. Also, the IMBA courses were very practical oriented, what is something I failed to pay mind to during my studies back home, in short, I loved the courses here!

Name: Lisa Legrand
University: Louvain School of Management/ Belgium


I found the environment of NCCU very refreshing. If my friends try to study abroad, I would strongly recommend NCCU. Taiwanese people are very nice to me during my stay. Furthermore, in NCCC we can acquire the ability to speak Chinese fluently via Chinese classes. Teachers are eager about teaching and students are focused in class. It is very helpful for me to actively participate in class.

 Name: Kotaro Inomata 
University: Waseda University, School of Commerce/ Japan


The people in NCCU are very friendly since day one. The introduction was very helpful in mapping out the life here for me. I appreciate the utmost friendly culture in Taiwan. I really enjoyed the many activities that were provided by several student organizations from NCCU. A big plus to my experience is that the university offers many language courses and sports activities. I would recommend the exchange to other students and would definitely do it again myself.

Name: Kenny Wai Fung Yuen
University: University of Mannheim Business School / Germany


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