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National Chengchi University


Since its founding some 40 years ago, National Chengchi University (NCCU) has earned a reputation as an institution of higher education celebrated for its studies in the humanities, social sciences, and management/administration sciences. Although it has changed its name and constitution twice in its history, the goals and ideals of the university have always remained steadfast: the search for truth, the commitment to academic research, the cultivation of future generations of leaders, and the ability to recognize and respond to changes shaping society and academia.

The history of the university finds its roots in the central government's 1927 founding of the Central Party Affairs School, presided over by then President Chiang Kai-shek in China.

The victory of "the Northward Expedition" in 1929 was accompanied by a name change to the Central Political School.

A further progression, the integration of the Central Political School with the Central Cadre School, was an immediate prelude to the full founding of National Chengchi University, which followed shortly upon the 1946 conclusion of the Sino-Japanese War.

Over the decades, NCCU has developed and refined itself into nine colleges including Commerce, Liberal Arts, Science, Social Sciences, Law, Foreign Languages, Communication, International Affairs, and Education, ten independent graduate institutes, and thirty-three departments. The university contracts more than 600 full-time professors, 70 researchers, and over 200 part-time lecturers, scholars and experts annually to conduct instruction and research.


College of Commerce

commerceThe College of Commerce at National Chengchi University (CNCCU) is highly regarded nationally and internationally as the best business school in Taiwan. Our reputation is based on the caliber of our academics and students. With eight departments, ten institutes, twenty-one national-level research centers, and thirty-one multi-functional laboratories, CNCCU has achieved an outstanding record in academic research, consulting for government policies, business and the community.The college boasts more than 140 professors who have earned Ph.D. degrees from world-renowned universities. Our faculty resource has been ranked 7th among the 50 Best Business Schools Asia, based on a 2001 Asiaweek Magazine Survey.

CNCCU was founded in the fall of 1957 with the aim of cultivating the entrepreneurial competences of students as well as enhancing frontier research in all areas of business. The faculty of CNCCU is highly respected and has developed a strong research culture. Its diverse research agendas focus on finding solutions to real-world problems, in collaboration with industry and government. In addition to its outstanding reputation in academic research and government services, CNCCU has also earned a reputation as 'a college for the real world,' providing courses that are practical and relevant. Extensive links with the business community enable the faculty to integrate theory and practice.

CNCCU is ideally positioned in Metropolitan Taipei: the center of International Trade, Finance and Banking, which has witnessed the exponential growth of Taiwan's high-tech industries. CNCCU is leveraging its strategic position in emerging economies through a series of creative programs that connect the local business community and numerous overseas Chinese organizations through research, course and extra-curricular activities. CNCCU has a cooperative and team-oriented culture, mirroring the best business practices today and lead the way in preparing its graduates to respond to new challenges and opportunities.

For more information, please visit http://www.commerce.nccu.edu.tw/index.php?lang=en


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