University of Brasilia

Location in South America, Brazil
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Founded in 1962, Universidade de Bras穩lia is as old as Brazil’s modern capital-Bras穩lia and ranked No. 204 in the world by world university rankings 2010. The university is the only federal university located in the capital city. Since its establishment, it was modeled on the American collegiate system; presently not only has the university abandoned conventional lectures but also replaced the traditional department-oriented structure with a college-oriented school structure. Currently, there are 20 colleges and 66 departments at the university. This “fenceless” school is reckoned as one of the most prominent concourses for cultural exchange in Brazil. It is also the heart of culture in the city of Bras穩lia. The university’s principle of “openness” motivates the maintenance of an international faculty and also cooperates with many other prestigious universities through exchange programs.

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