On-campus housing

Students who are interested in staying in the on-campus dormitory, please be notified that,

  1. space is limited
  2. no coed dormitory that male and female housing is separate and opposite gender is forbidden to enter the dormitory
  3. cook is not allowed
  4. have to arrange for mattresses, bedding, lienes, etc
  5. laundry is available

*Dormitory Availability

  1. Bachelor Student: 4-persons room
  2. Master Student: 2-persons room
  3. Ph.D. Student: single room


*Dorm Payment Policy

  1. Cancelled at least 2 weeks before the semester begins: NO need to pay
  2. Cancelled within 2 weeks before the semester begins: pay a fine of NTD 500
  3. Cancelled within 10 days after the semester begins: pay 1/3 dorm fee
  4. Cancelled from 10 days after the semester begins till the 1/3 of semester: pay 1/2 dorm fee
  5. Cancel after the 1/3 of semester): pay whole fee

Dormitory Information


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