Chulalongkorn University Chulalongkorn Business School (CBS)

Location in Asia , Thailand
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Master: TOEFL 79 (ibt) or 550 (itp) or IELTS 6.5
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Chulalongkorn University is the oldest and most reputable university in Thailand. The University is acclaimed as the “most prestigious university in the country”. The school’s name is derived from King Chulalongkorn V, and established by King H.M. Vajiravudh VI. H.M. Vajiravudh VI developed the university into a nationally-sponsored administrative college and expanded many academic programs. In early 1917, Chulalongkorn University had already reached the scale of a modern teaching and research institution. The school’s historical tradition has also developed a special moral network. The network’s main objective is to guide students in daily life to promote appropriate behavior and professionalism that in turn makes the academic setting and the student body more attractive. Due to the global market’s lack of engineering intelligence, Chulalongkorn University established its International School of Engineering (ISE) in 2005 to cultivate advanced international engineers through its English-taught program.

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