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The University of Groningen was established in 1614 as one of the oldest universities in Europe. The university is famous for its long-term academic performance. The school campus is located in Groningen City in northern Netherlands, acclaimed by international students not only as a safe and ideal but also the friendliest city in the country. Aside from its longstanding traditions, University of Groningen has recently adopted English-taught undergraduate, master, and Ph.D. programs in accordance with internationalization and globalization. The University is also a member of the European COIMBRA Group. The Group is the longest-established collaborative association of 38 European universities, including the University of Cambridge and University of Oxford. Furthermore, the University also associates with sister schools around the world such as Uppsala University in Sweden, Ghent University in Belgium, as well as Beijing University, Tsinghua University, and Fudan University in China, for sustainable exchange relationships. The University of Groningen is CNCCU's 90th sister school and offers 4 exchange opportunities for both undergraduate and master students each year. The TOEFL criterion for the undergraduate students is 79 (Internet-based) and 550 (paper-based). For master students the criterion is 92 (Internet-based) and 580 (paper-based). Information Source:

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